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Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

AND two someones have read it as a result. I HIGHLY DOUBT they’ve been back.

For those of you that are readers only, WordPress has this feature wherein one can see how people get to your blog (their searches, the links they click, whatever). As a result, I have caught onto a trend that may cause me to start naming blogs with such titles as:

Live Nude Girls!

Naked Naked Naked!

Or this one, from a club I once saw (from the outside!) in Bangkok:  SUPER PUSSY!

Actually, if this were a blog about my years idolizing the Grateful Dead and attending every concert I could, then I might actually have something to say on the flashing boobs topic (although, in my own defense, body paint was involved). Alas, this is *allegedly* a humorous travel blog about a former solo backpacking trip through Europe and an imminent encore. David Sedaris being my idol and inspiration, I’m a little embarrassed about all the trips down therapy lane hence far…

Meanwhile, there have been MASSIVE developments on the work front (a.k.a. my attempt to put the principles of the 4-Hour Workweek into practice and keep my job while backpacking Europe by myself for three months), and I’ve realized that pretty much everyone I know is a jerk…but more on that tomorrow.

Otherwise, I’m watching Neil Young on Letterman and lamenting that my all time high audience was almost a month ago and still pretty darn sad in the big picture, and – to be frank – I’m really sucking wind at garnering any readership to speak of.   ***sigh***

Mazel Tov!

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