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This is quite possibly the stupidest thing ever

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

But at the same time it’s all kinds of awesome.


I can’t help it.

Stupidity slays me.

Zoolander? One of my favorite movies EVER.

Rob & Big? I bought the complete series on DVD.

Anything Chris Farley ever did? Can’t get enough.

I rest my case.


Anyway, okay, so do you remember the charmingly idiotic Keyboard Cat video that was all the rage a couple years ago? If not, or if you’re just not travelling in the cool circles like I am, here’s a refresher:


Okay, so yesterday I saw someone Twitter something about ‘in memory of keyboard cat’ (because the cat is dead. In fact, I think it had already passed on before becoming famous.), and I followed the link and found this.

I so want this.

I so want this.


Oh yes.


The horrible wolf shirt re-envisioned as a celebration of the majestic creature known as Keyboard Cat.

It’s genius, and I only wish it were actually available rather than a mere suggestion that maybe will sell.





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