Show and tell

You know it as a dangerous winter driving condition, but it turns out black ice is also a scent! Imagine cruising down the highway and then suddenly careening out of control on black ice while simultaneously your nostrils feast on the undefinable but probably vaguely pineapple-ish scent of black ice: bliss.

I wonder if this is some goof they ship to Hawaii figuring nobody here is any the wiser? I swear this place is like a foreign country sometimes. Let’s call it Meximerica.


The dog and I did the usual: pose for self-photos. This is our Sears Portrait Studio moment.


This is our “love is eternal” shot.


Then I made some pesto out of this homegrown basil this lady gave me. Since we’re in blow by blow mode and this post is rapidly coming to its conclusion, feast your eyes on both the before:


And the finished product, which I haven’t yet eaten, so I suppose I’ll go boil some pasta and get that show on the road…


Much aloha to you all! xo

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3 Responses to “Show and tell”

  1. paul

    Could the “ice” in “black ice” have a …double meaning?

  2. wideawakeinwonderland

    I think you are onto something, Paul.
    Generally speaking, I’m terrified of hard drugs, but maybe I should pick up a six pack and a couple of these “air fresheners”, settle in on the couch, and see what unfolds…

    I wonder if that’s how the issue got started in first place. Rather than calling the drug meth, they named it ice and let it sell itself…

    Unrelated, but related in my mind tip: Don’t get sucked into this “best shave ice on the island” business. There is no such thing as “shave ice”: it is a goddamned snow cone. That’s it. A snow cone that is served in Hawaii.

  3. Frothy Afterbirth

    I will still call it SHAVE ICE! Nothing will compel me to change my attitude about this!