Blog? What blog?

A zillion apologies.
I have been utterly overwhelmed.

But I’m back!
With a hacking cough and in a new house that still isn’t entirely unpacked and with a todo list as long as my arm, but back all the same.

Thank you to anyone who checked to see if I was still alive.

As a random side note: I am apparently rather lucky to be among the living. I remember that spider I was living with for a few weeks? Caney? Well, it turns out Caney was not a cane spider, but…wait for it…a brown recluse spider! I know! I shared my shower – multiple times – with a brown recluse! I had three of them in the bathroom at one point. I took flash photos of them. I talked to them…out loud. I once even used my Dr. Bronner’s lavender soap with the brown recluse clinging to the side of the bottle!

In short, I am an idiot.

More on that soon…

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2 Responses to “Blog? What blog?”

  1. Rosi

    so glad to have you back. I have missed you. Stay away from those spiders, I am paranoid about brown recluse! No reason for it, just am! I will be in Oahu next month, will try and call you.

  2. Frothy Afterbirth

    You iz still alive! And yes, an idiota for cavorting with any spider.