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Happy Maui-versary to me!

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

(and Dozer! Fu came a couple months later.)

Hard to believe, but we’ve been here a year.

It’s Jurassic Park, baby!

In some ways it feels like way more than a year, and in other ways – especially lately, as my insanely busy life flashes before my eyes – it feels like less.

Regardless, I owe you a big update and I know this. It’s half-written…I just haven’t had a free hour for the other half. In the meantime, if you’re missing my writing, head to I’m not only doing two food pieces a week, but I’m now on the hook for three Arts and Entertainment stories as well. Fodder is the biggest challenge (you’ve heard me complain about that before!), and I’m still gettingĀ  my feet under me with all this.

Regardless, it’s a small island, so even though the pay is laughable, it’s a good opportunity to get to know Maui and a platform for Maui to get to know me. In other words, I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity (especially because my editor has been incredible in letting me be “me” in these stories, something that makes it fun even though it’s work), third-world country wages and all.

In other news, my work as a Maui hypnotherapist has been good…but that also comes with a big time drain. I love doing it, but I’m terrible at marketing it. I suppose I should be glad I have any clients at all!

Meanwhile, realizing that my head shot over there on the right is almost four years old (!?), I enlisted a friend for help with a new one…and with a more Hawaiian theme…and hair.

Enjoy one of the examples. (I’m listening, Putin.) I probably won’t use it for that purpose, but I’m sure you’ll see a new (curly-headed. I’ve given up…or Maui has forced my hand, either way) picture over there one of these days.

Until then, wherever you are and whatever you’re up to, I hope life is treating you well.

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