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Merry Christmas To You

Tuesday, December 25th, 2012

Seasons’ greetings from the whitest place on Maui…under the blankets on my bed.

It’s a little nippy this morning (well, nippy in a tropical way) which is kind of nice and makes me not really want to get up and walk the dog and listen to the cat scream like a banshee for his breakfast.

Hell, who am I kidding? I never feel like doing any of that.

Anyway, and as you know, it’s a bit of a melancholy Christmas around these parts, but I decided to (wo)man up and face it head on. I have not one, but two fully decked out Christmas trees set up. I have about ten wrapped boxes under said trees – some, admittedly empty, because when I first set it up around Thanksgiving I was totally going through the motions. However, there are some real presents there now: gifts from friends, family, or “Santa” (I say lying to myself is perfectly acceptable in certain circumstances.) Santa heard about those turquoise boots I wanted for my birthday and decided to show me some love.

I have a ham in the fridge and a half-dozen half-prepared side dishes and at least 20 people coming by today to eat some it and hang out and hopefully help me stay in gratitude and focus on what is good in my life.

I’ve always been someone who loved Christmas.

I used to sit in Catholic mass and read the hymnal, humming all the Christmas songs to myself. My father accused me of being Italian (apologies to all the Italians out there as apparently my family associates your heritage with being tacky.) when I left a fully lit mini Christmas tree up in my room year-round. The summer of my 11th year, I was banned from touching my step-grandparents’ organ because I wouldn’t stop playing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on it. Granted, my piano stylings were self-taught and it was summertime…

Anyway, I think that twinkling light-loving, carol bellowing, starry eyed little girl in me will carry the day. At least I hope so.

And hopefully, wherever you are you, the magic of the season finds you and gives you a little kiss.

Merry Christmas and God bless us, everyone.

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