Cloud Atlas Conversation

The Scene: me and the guy in line ahead of me at the Redbox in Long’s as I wait to rid myself of this unfathomable piece of theater.

Him: “What are you returning?”

Me: Cloud Atlas.

Him: “Was it good?”

Me: Possibly.

Him: What’s it about?

Me: I can honestly say I have no idea.

Him: So you didn’t watch it?

Me: No I watched it. Two and a half times, actually.

**gives me a look of what I perceive as annoyance and perhaps minor confusion**

Me: I don’t know. It’s about the past. And the future. Korean women who are robots that bleed. I think they’re robots. I’m not sure.
Halle Berry is in it. She’s aging well. Hugh Grant is in it too. He is not.


Me: And every time I blinked my eyes Tom Hanks was on the screen looking like a totally different person. In fact, he may be the only actor in the thing. Him and one really outstanding makeup artist.

Him: Oh.

Me: It’s a rabbit hole, baby. And it just keeps going.

**retrieves whatever he’s decided to rent instead and beats a hasty retreat.**

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