Just Rewards

Although I would never try to argue that I’m the best person in the world, I’m hardly the worst.
I’ve made more than my share of mistakes and even done some damage here and there in my life, but at least I have the decency to feel bad about it.

Anywho, I’m supposed to be motivating over to this Spago VIP party as part of the Maui Film Festival tonight, but instead I’m lying on my couch in a Spiderman sweatshirt thinking about a convo I had with a friend today.

While talking about whether most people (male or female) wanted to be in a relationship, it came up that in the last few months I’ve had three or four offers (requests?) to get in a relationship (or even marry) male friends that I have never been romantically involved.

Friend: “I wish I had that kind of mojo where women were like ‘Hey. You. You’re the one.”

Me: “Yeah. It’s pretty weird. I don’t really know what to tell you.”

Friend: “Well, I guess you really are the complete package.”

Me: “Thank you.”

**moment spent in silent contemplation of my life, as it were. Or at least as it stands at the moment.**

Me: “Lot of good it’s done me!”

So whatever the heck i am bringing this up for (probably the fact that I am stalling on attending my fifth event alone in as many nights) I’ll conclude with what I told him.

My teacher recently told me that the only reason to get into a relationship is because you cannot NOT be without the other person.
And that’s my pledge from here on out: Mr. Complete Package or get used to showing up alone to a VIP party and in a Spiderman sweatshirt and jeans.
Like a boss.

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2 Responses to “Just Rewards”

  1. Jose

    I agree. The only reason to get into a relationship is because you cannot NOT be without the other person. But here comes the second part of it: some of us prefer relationships in which you CAN be without the other. Otherwise it is not the relationship, what is wrong, but yourself!

    Maybe that´s the part in which you are “deeper than most of the others”: you just don´t need somone you cannot be without, but someone you just love to be with.

    And that situation, I´m afraid, is NOT included in your teacher´s premises to get into a relationship.

    So, yeah, welcome to the “VIP-party-Singles-in-a-Spiderman-sweatshirt-and-jeans Club”. If you think about it, the kind all of the rest are willing to meet, in a VIP party….
    Mr. Complete Package, included.

  2. wideawakeinwonderland

    I have three thoughts on that.
    1) If it’s someone I love to be with, the odds are it’s someone I would want to be with a la the whole enchilada. And if that isn’t a possibility because of a) their issues b) they don’t want to be in a relationship/timing or c) they don’t want to be in a relationship with me, then why expend the mental and emotional energy on something that is just going to disappoint or worse?
    2) Partially a reiteration of the above, but in this moment where all my thoughts and energy are my own, I realize how much space other people take in terms of mental real estate and energy and even time. Again, if it’s not something I joyfully want to give my time to, I think I’ll keep those super lovable-but-not-quite guys as friends.
    3) Everybody always wants to get married.
    Even if I think I can get away with “dating” or something less than serious, the other person always busts out the three little words and the ring LOOOOOOONG before I’m there.
    And it never stops being awkward. :/