Adorablosity: Cat Performance Art

Fu with laundryFor a limited time, renowned feline artist Fu Manchu is performing “Adorablosity,” a one-cat piece exploring the limits of cuteness, flexibility and questions of personal safety in a dog-infested world.

The $25 admission fee grants you access to the Adorablosity photo gallery, munchies¬†from the communal bowl* (*dog bowl only ~ Fu Manchu edit) and a rare opportunity to watch this supremely talented avant garde artist do what he does best: nap and call it “performance art.”

Can’t make it to the live show?

Fu lounging in the bathroomYour $20 donation will result in an exciting video of the artist hard at work,


at work, made especially for you.

Ridonkulous levels of cuteFor an additional $20 we will drone your name over and over again in the background in the freaky voice of your choice: weirdo, nauseating baby talk or spooky whisper.

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