:. What IS this? A Redux .:

Your friendly tour guide, diligently writing this blog

You may find this photo familiar? As it so happens, more people than I can count have landed here because of this photo...perverts.


My name is Vanessa.

This is my blog.

I hope you find it funny.

It started out as a travel blog, and now it’s something much more nefarious. It’s like a binky I can’t live without.

In August 2008, I quit a well-paid and societally affirmed career in consulting and took off to spend three months backpacking Europe by myself.  During that time, I ate some good food and a lot of bad food; slept in some seriously sketchy situations; ran a half marathon in Turkey; crawled through caves in Hungary; had a full body baptism in freezing cold water in France; and wrote this blog every day.


It has now been almost three years.

I’m not homeless (yet)…although that might make for interesting blogging…and I am hard at work on my fourth novel.

This one is the one, people.

It has to be.

In fact, my sincerest hope is that I forget to update this for another year and you’re reading this thinking “What is this New York Times Bestseller complaining about???”

I don’t know what these links link to, so I’m afraid to delete them. That stated, apparently a longtime reader implored me to include this blog post as part of the road map, so if you have time to kill (and it appears you do) go ahead and check it out here.

If you are a human being of reasonable sanity and/or insufficient funds to adequately stalk me, and you’d like to communicate directly, please sub in the appropriate symbols and send an e-mail to vanessa AT wideawakeinwonderland DOT com.  I answer everything (really! Unless by now I’m super-famous and important. In that case, look forward to something equally witty from my hopefully college educated future personal assistant, Serge), so if I don’t write back to you, blame the Internets and re-send. Namaste.