:. Protected Posts .:

Welcome, Cyberstalker!

You are obviously new to this blog and suffering from the obsessive dementia that seizes the few, the proud, the rare chosen ones. No, no: don’t be embarrassed. It’s okay. You are now so much more likely to count yourself among my most treasured and beloved peeps.

Anyway, according to my dad, no one likes a whiner.

But maybe you do?

A wise man (again, my dad) felt that I had too many posts that were pretty much nothing but incessant bitching and moaning, and he demanded that I delete them.

My dad is very bossy. MUCH more bossy and ‘my way or the highway’ than this blog leads you to believe because – and this is another rare insight you are unlikely to find anywhere else – I’m sweet on the guy and go out of my way to protect him. But he’s a major control freak in real life. Each decade of life seemingly brings increasing levels of demanding.

So anyway, I didn’t take his advice exactly as prescribed – typical of my independent streak/burgeoning inherited control freak ways (???)  - but I did take a modified approach and password protected them. Thus, if you want the full, unadulterated, and occasionally bitchy (and probably boring, in hindsight) story, the password to all of them is: whiner

The content is there and unchanged. I’m just protecting the innocent, the unaware, and the upbeat. Consider yourself warned…



As far as I know, my old boss is still alive and well. I wish you nothing but happiness, Asshole.