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Sea Crackers. See Crackers Dry.

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Remember all that time I spent bitching about wanting a dehydrator?

Well, the good news is: it worked! And the bad news (for all of you, because now I want a Kindle Fire. Santa? Jesus? Yahweh? Anybody?) is: it worked!

A friend and reader auspiciously named Kai (Hawaiian for sea/ocean or water…although I don’t necessarily know that he was named per the Hawaiian language. It’s likely it means things in other languages too.) came through for me in spades, despite several ridiculous hurdles and the thing even being returned to sender once.

But now it is here – much bigger than a breadbox and halfway to being big enough to sleep in – and being enjoyed by animals, vegetables, and humans alike! (No minerals…yet.)

In a show of gratitude, I have done two (one rather overdue) things:

1) made a page thanking all of you who have ever donated to my humble blog efforts in some tangible way (not that the intangibles aren’t highly valued as well) by name


2) Documented the maiden voyage of the SS Excalibur, as it ventured to make raw crackers…which may be a bit of a punishment really. I don’t know how exciting of a post this is going to be, which is probably why I don’t really blog about food typically, but I will do my best to keep you entertained while you enjoy the photographic expedition into the wild and wooly and slightly unappetizing (sometimes) land of raw food…


Despite rumors of toads, snails, and puppy dog tails, raw crackers – these anyway – are actually made out of the following stuff: lots and lots of flax seeds, chia seeds, and some vegetables.


The food processor seemed to do nothing more than spin the seeds around really quickly a la The Vortex or whatever those amusement park rides were where they would spin you really fast until you stuck to the wall and then the bottom dropped out. Makes me kind of pukey just thinking about it…


So I got the blender involved as well and crushed the whole situation to smithereens.



Crammed the whole kit and kaboodle into the food processor.


Felt highly dubious as to the odds of success with the sight before me. (um: yuck.)


But before I knew it, the situation looked remarkably like meatloaf “batter”…only stickier…and despite how that might sound, my hopes were buoyed.


It’s almost dehydrator time!


Which, you should know, Fu also considers his throne.


Then I rolled it out (is this as boring as it seems???)


And then ten hours later it was ‘cooked’ or at least dry and blah blah blah…


Raw cracker!

(I swear I will make up for this boring ass blow-by-blow tomorrow. Still excited about the dehydrator, nonetheless. Thanks again, Kai!!!)

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