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What doesn’t kill you…

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Any astrologists out there? Is there something super misaligned with the stars right now or something?

Although it doesn’t directly impact me, per se, it strikes me as supremely odd (and awful) that at a time of notable disharmony, distress, and gastrointestinal rioting in my life, my dear friend in Bermuda is both:


Send in the clowns...

a) on the island without electricity (although thankfully Hurricane Igor didn’t actually hit them.)

b) processing the horrific news (and property value ramifications) that someone was found dead in her Seattle condo this morning…a week post-mortem. And yes, she knew the person, and no, I don’t know the details, and holy hell, can you imagine the smell!?

I have a set of keys, thereby making me high on the contact list, and I realize I probably shouldn’t blog about it, but I seem to be on a roll of offending and alienating and saying things I shouldn’t, and hell…it really is a good story in a sick and twisted way. I already knew the place was evil and poltergeist infested (this serves as the link to that claim should you wish to see it), but now it’s double-haunted.

I guess the moral of this little post is to say a) it’s important to remember that there’s always someone with bigger problems than yours and not get too overly ‘woe is me’ and ┬áb) I really feel bad for whomever has to clean that place up.┬áMaybe my poor friend will get lucky and a meteor will just nuke the condo to kingdom come (sparing all neighbors and their pets and her good Kitchen Aid mixer, of course). Somehow I suspect she’d prefer a nice, fat insurance check to the actual reality. And as long as I’m making wishes and praying on her behalf: let’s throw in some electricity and a sunny day.

Oh, and a hazmat team and some Glade Plug-ins.


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