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Resolution #1

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

Seeing as I’m a bit bereft of useful content these days, I figured I’d share my new years resolutions…but drag it out so that it seems like you’re getting more than you really are. Think of me of the Lays potato chips of details.

Honestly, I haven’t really thought them through, so I’m not sure how many we’ll be slogging through. (hopefully at least five…)

However, and without further adieu, say hello to number one:


* finish writing, editing, rewriting, re-editing and then finally freaking submit YA novel written (a now somewhat unfathomable as it seems like another lifetime) eight months ago…

** rewrite THE FOOD MACHINE. (Be prepared to start all the freaking way over save a few passages or clever concept or two…)

*** write a new novel: this time, it’s satirical.

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