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Oh good grief!

Friday, November 4th, 2011

Midnight comes so soon!!!


I was just busy desecrating another – hopefully the last – bookshelf in the other room. Desecrating = assembling it poorly, for clarity’s sake. (Don’t worry, Dad, my days of defiling furniture are over. The therapy worked. I swear.)


I have stuff to share – nothing exciting, but stuff like how the rearview mirror fell clean off my Jeep window this afternoon and I’m not quite sure how to handle that: Super Glue, I suppose. – but I’m so panicked about the encroaching midnight deadline that I can’t think straight. So how about you simply enjoy this sweet song from The Swell Season, and we’ll call it good for tonight. They’re…swell.

Seriously though, I <3 them.


I’ll do better tomorrow!

Something about how much I hate ‘house geckos’ maybe? Or a smoldering piece on my mini-greenhouse on the back porch? Maybe a rant about the cost of gas in Maui or tea in China?  I know, I know: it’s scintillating stuff. Try to contain yourselves.



Someone just let out an anguished cry in the night somewhere outside in the darkness. That kind of thing intrigues me…

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