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A modern day Buddhist koan

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Written by me, for you.

If milk is a liquid, and cheese is made almost entirely from milk, and Trader Joe’s Aged Gouda is – allegedly – cheese, then why won’t it melt?


Trader Joe's Gouda

A Dutch masterpiece, my ass.

Chew on that – literally and figuratively – for a while and see if you don’t achieve enlightenment.


I didn’t, but that’s probably because I was ticked off after a failed thirty-plus minute attempt to melt the stuff into some grits, followed by having to pick each of the rubbery chunks out by hand and throw it angrily into the garbage disposal. A task as gross as it was irritating. I have other irritations chafing my sensitive hide, as well, but I will save those complaints for a later time, as I’m sure you have your zazen to attend to now.



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