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Monday, September 13th, 2010

If there’s anyone who knows why some people can no longer see the blog (again) on Internet Explorer (again) or why it’s making their browser crash (oops. Sorry. Again.) then could you let me know what I need to turn on or download or upgrade or tune in or turn off or drop out in order to make it all better and play nice, can you drop me a line?

Real message in a bottle

Apparently someone found this for real on March 5th. That's kind of cool. Maybe I should write up my web site woes and put it in a bottle, drive to the beach, chuck it in, and pray for mercy? How disappointing would that be for the poor chump finding it?

Or even if you’d just like to make general suggestions as to what I could smoke, drink, and ingest so that I no longer care?

Of course, if you’re using Internet Explorer right now, I suppose you can’t even see this message in a bottle to be thus moved and step in.

In that case, sorry for crashing your browser and maybe consider a switch to Safari or Firefox?

At the same time, seeing how far WordPress has come as a web page utility, and how cave man Neanderthal “me rub stick make fire” my own knowledge is, and how there are all these beautiful templates out there that I would like to use instead of what I’ve got going on, but am too afraid to load and risk completely f*cking up the blog as we know it forever and for good, I have resolved to buy some hosting and set up an additional website (unbeknownst to you) to play with and break and figure this technological juggernaut out for once and for all.

So help me God.

Or Bill Gates.

I'm trying to understand why people do this. The only message I would put in a bottle would be something about how I'm stuck on a desert island and talking to a volleyball and my split ends are out of control, but only if it were actually true. Otherwise: why bother?

(Or whomever one is supposed to pray to when endeavoring technological feats that are way out of their league. Al Gore? Steve Jobs? Satan?)

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